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FrogAsia, a YTL company, is the first company in the world to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform. Beyond just implementing technology, we provide solutions focused on harnessing the Internet to transform education in a meaningful way. Our virtual learning environment, Frog, is simple, fun, and engaging – which is why schools all around the world have made Frog their platform of choice.

FrogAsia leverages on FrogTrade’s (UK) 13-year track record and expertise in integrating technology into schools while working hand-in-hand with local educators and education organisations to deliver a world-class learning system that is relevant to the Asian region.

Think of Frog as a social network for schools.
The Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web-based learning system that replicates real-world learning by integrating virtual equivalents of conventional concepts of education. For example, teachers can assign lessons, tests, and marks virtually, while students can submit homework and view their marks through the VLE. Parents can view school news and important documents while school administrators can organise their school calendars and disseminate school notices via the Internet.
With the VLE, education does not have to be confined to a traditional classroom. Learning can take place anywhere, anytime.
Frog’s easy-to-use system allows students and teachers to search for almost anything on the internet (videos, images, educational resources) and build it into a sleek-looking Site, without needing any technical expertise. The Frog VLE is also a gateway to a plethora of educational resources and cool apps from around the web, all accessible within a safe, filtered environment.

Keep track of school events, PTA reports and school notices with the calendar and school notice board, find all the contact details you need on the Contact School page, and download permission forms and other important documents at your convenience.


Frog is simple, easy-to-use, and designed to take teaching to a whole new level. Assign and keep track of students’ work and marks, create teaching resources, and connect with other educators. Plan your time better with the calendar, which allows you to view, create, join or add events.


Learning is fun and personalised with Frog. Explore exciting videos, games, and posts on The Pond, personalise your home page, upload and save files on the cloud, complete assignments anytime, anywhere, and share ideas with classmates and teachers.

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